Green Mountain Healing Arts

Green Mountain Healing Arts offers intuitive reiki, custom made malas and rosaries, workshops, individual instruction, and community for those on a spiritual path.


East Burke, Vermont

When our eyes are graced with wonder, the world reveals its wonders to us.
— John O'Donohue

Custom and One-of-a-Kind Malas, Rosaries, and Necklaces

Chakra-inspired necklaces that can be worn long or doubled

Chakra-inspired necklaces that can be worn long or doubled


Introducing a new design this season: Chakra Rosaries in five or seven decades in harmonious blends of semi-precious stones and crystals. This sample: Third Eye Chakra in banded amethyst beads and nuggets, faceted quartz crystal (clear and rose), lapis lazuli, Swarovski crystal, a few garnets and fluorite coins for accent. Pewter crucifix and center.


Seven decade Root and Sacral Chakra Rosary of garnet, red tiger eye, mother-of-pearl, three types of carnelian, fire polished glass and Swarovski crystal, and sea jade.

Seven Decade Heart Chakra Rosary in malachite, Swarovski crystal, fire polished Czech glass, sea jade, garnet, agate, lamp work beads, and fluorite. Pewter crucifix and center.

Seven Decade Heart Chakra Rosary in malachite, Swarovski crystal, fire polished Czech glass, sea jade, garnet, agate, lamp work beads, and fluorite. Pewter crucifix and center.


Turquoise lamp work chaplet with pewter center and crucifix (commission)

The gallery below shows semi-precious beads I keep on hand.  Availability of Venetian, crystal, and lamp work, and ceramic accent beads varies. 

Purple, violet, and banded amethyst; deep orange and natural "gold fish" carnelian; chocolate red garnets; pale pink rose quartz; plus the spectrum of colors of jaspers and agates from pale blues to rich greens and earthy browns, as well as a vast selection of Swarovski crystal -- the options for custom malas and rosaries are endless.   Our goal is to custom design  beautiful prayer beads you will cherish and enjoy for years.  

I've come to rely on a few reputable sources for semiprecious beads and findings.  Since these pieces are not jewelry per se -- though the rosaries may of course be worn as necklaces, and most malas will wrap twice around the wrist -- I no longer use sterling silver findings, but rather heavy gauge eye pins intended for the clergy, and split rings that resist opening.  Beautiful sterling silver centers and crucifixes are available, however, as well as silver plate.   Even so, I love the look and feel of more affordable pewter equally, and copper gives a unique, warm, and earthy spin.  

While traditional malas are of course either knotted on silk or strung on wire or cord, chaining the beads together rosary style results in an appealing, sensual feel and unique look .  And as these pieces are meant to be individual in nature, and beautiful, we offer the inclusion of accent beads at the midpoint and on either side of the Guru bead, and the use of complementary colors or hues meant to represent the chakras.  We offer 27, 54, and 108 bead malas.  Many of our 27 bead malas will double and slip over the hand for wearing.  Clasps can be incorporated into the custom design in order to make malas adjustable.  

Prices vary depending upon materials.  We are happy to provide a quote based on your desired colors or bead choices and style.  Custom malas and chaplets start at $65.  Rosaries start at $120.   

Here are a few pieces:  This first rosary is crafted of agate with red tiger eye accents and silver plate crucifix and center.  Next, a rosary of natural mother of pearl, red jasper Our Father beads, copper fittings, and antiqued copper crucifix and center.  Then, this delicate chaplet is all sterling silver with freshwater pearls and a lampwork Our Father bead.  

Second Row: This chaplet is made of aragonite nuggets, green agate, and silver plate findings, crucifix, and center. Next, this substantial rosary is made of fluorite nuggets, Czech glass lantern Our Father beads, and pewter St Benedict center and crucifix.  The next piece is a free-form rosary of fresh water pearls; Venetian lampwork Our Father beads; rhodonite, agate, and ceramic accents; and a reclaimed silver crucifix.  

Third Row: Chaplet in faceted quartz crystal, Swarovski crystals, and sterling silver center and crucifix.  I'm experimenting with chained 27 bead mala designs, linking the beads together with wire findings rather than stringing on knotted cord.  The first is a carnelian mala with glass and mother of pearl accent beads, and a ceramic Guru bead.   Next, two malas of 8mm  garnet and aqua terra jasper with accent beads of Swarovski crystal, agate, mother of pearl, Czech glass, and glass and ceramic Guru beads. These malas can be doubled gently and worn around the wrist.

Fourth Row:   A mala crafted of 10 mm garnet beads with glass accents and a small ceramic Guru bead. This sparkly chaplet is made of two types of lampwork beads, Swarovski crystals, and pewter center and crucifix.   An assortment of beads for a Celtic rosary.


A few mixed-media vision boards and paintings.