Green Mountain Healing Arts

Green Mountain Healing Arts offers intuitive reiki, custom made malas and rosaries, workshops, individual instruction, and community for those on a spiritual path.


East Burke, Vermont

Music Library


Soft music can greatly enhance relaxation during the Reiki session.  Here is a list of CDs I have on hand. Amazon offers album samples for most listed here. 



Native American Flutes and the Sounds of Nature – Jessita Reyes

Seven Metals: Singing Bowls of Tibet – Benjamin Iobst

Flower of Chivalry: Tranquil Medieval Music – The Hilliard Ensemble

Satori: Music for Yoga and Meditation – Riley Lee, Gabriel Lee

Ancient Egypt: A Tribute Composed and Performed by Ali Jihad Racy

Vivaldi: Adagios – Neville Marriner and the English Chamber Orchestra        



King David’s Lyre: Echoes of Ancient Israel – Michael Levy

An Ancient Lyre: Echoes of the Ancient World – Michael Levy



Une Vie de Femme: A medieval woman’s life – Fioretto Ensemble

The Rose, the Lily, and the Whortleberry: Medieval Gardens   -- Orlando Consort

Canticles of Ecstasy: Hildegard von Bingen – Sequentia

1000 A Mass for the End of Time – Anonymous 4

Lammas Ladymass: 13th and 14th Century English Chant and Polyphony-- Annonymous 4



Celtic Harp:  The Quiet Path – Paul Baker


Recommended  for enlightenment or listening pleasure – edgier or offbeat, or containing more vocals than most conducive for Reiki sessions

The Flood – The Lyre Ensemble

Music as Medicine – Nawang Khechog

In the Garden of Souls – VAS

From Night to the Edge of Day – Azam Ali

Sephardic Romances: Traditional Jewish Music from Spain – Ensemble Accentus

The Phoenix Rising – Stile Antico

Flights of Fantasy: Early Italian Chamber Music – Monica Huggett, Irish Baroque Orchestra

Nights from the Alhambra – Loreena McKennitt

Orian – Yaron Pe’er

Celtic Spirit Meditations – Mara Freeman (this CD is composed of six guided visualizations)