Green Mountain Healing Arts

Green Mountain Healing Arts offers intuitive reiki, custom made malas and rosaries, workshops, individual instruction, and community for those on a spiritual path.


East Burke, Vermont

Self-Care Consultations and Distance Reiki

You lead a busy life.  And let's face it: you're unlikely to carve out 20 minutes each day to sit in a lotus position and meditate while the world continues to spin.  But you can find five minutes at the day's beginning and end, and in breaks in the action throughout.  Discover how a few focused, individualized techniques -- embracing your breath, quieting your mind, connecting with your body -- can encourage healing, and help restore a sense of balance and well-being.

Our fee: $60, which includes 60 to 90 minute consultation plus follow up in person, or via phone or email.  Self-care consultations are available in our office or by phone. Ask about our sliding scale. 

In addition to consultations, I offer Distance Reiki for interested clients who are unable to visit the office. As I practice it, Distance Reiki is not a passive experience, as the goal of my practice is to teach, to facilitate, and the Universe helps those who help themselves. After a consultation via phone, we’ll schedule a thirty-minute session; during that time, you’ll find a quiet space and make use of simple techniques to connect with your breath and body, and relax your mind. At the same time, I will, through Reiki teachings and my personal spiritual practices,  envision your treatment and the flow of Reiki energy to and through you. 

The fee for Distance Reiki, which includes consultation, the 30-minute session, and a follow up phone call if desired, is $60. Ask about our sliding scale.