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East Burke, Vermont

I'm So Sorry, Little Mouse cover copy.jpg


Hardcover — $24.99

Paperback — $9.99 (available in mid-August)

We are pleased to report that in our first printing, our little mouse traveled far and wide, from the coast of Maine to the Pacific Ocean, from the Gulf Coast to sunny Puerto Rico, bringing smiles and a little cheer along the way.  A sweet tale of a mouse who makes himself far too comfortable in the house, I’m So Sorry, Little Mouse encourages a love of language and of all creatures, and provides a gentle opportunity for parents and caregivers to open a conversation about boundaries. 

What our readers are saying:

“So adorable and sweet!”

“We started chuckling right away . . .”

“Thank you so much . . . my grandchildren and I love the book.”

“So fun!”

“Fantastic illustrations!”

“Happy to report my nieces loved the book.”

“  . . . she absolutely loves it. Made my friend read it to her twice last night. So thanks for bringing all this joy!”

“Great book, so happy I have a copy.”

“A darling book, with wonderful choices in its creation.” 

“ . . . delighted with the writing and the illustrator’s view / pictures. I always say an illustrator can make or break the story.” 

 “I’m So Sorry Little Mouse is entirely delightful.  And insightful.  And it will make you want to rhyme.  Its story of a mouse who comes to live in the house and just… really… can’t… is not only playful and touching but offers a moral of love and respect across the animal world.  It truly deserves readers, and lookers, and hearers, and rewards them well.”   -- Gary Moore, author of ABE & ANN and HEAVENLY BODIES