Green Mountain Healing Arts

Green Mountain Healing Arts offers intuitive reiki, custom made malas and rosaries, workshops, individual instruction, and community for those on a spiritual path.


East Burke, Vermont

Art is a wound turned into light”
— Georges Braque

Green Mountain Healing Arts creates finely crafted custom rosaries, malas, and necklaces in semiprecious stones and crystal; hand-painted cards; and wildcrafted and original art. Though we’ve closed our East Burke office, we continue to offer workshops and limited local consultations in self-healing and Intuitive Reiki, a complementary modality that combines the gentle Usui Japanese technique for relaxation and relieving stress with breath awareness and simple guided imagery.


Denise Brown has been a student of the mind-body connection and esoteric thought for many years. A Reiki Master since 2001, she’s had the good fortune to work with amazing Reiki, Healing Touch, and spiritual teachers, and to continue her education through retreats and courses.  She believes that art can be a powerful healing force, and is passionate about sharing simple, effective self-care techniques, working with others coping with the aftermath of violence, and offering workshops and gatherings for like-minded fellow journeyers.

Since 1999, Denise has lived in the beautiful Northeast Kingdom of Vermont, where she enjoys hiking, canoeing, and daydreaming on the beach at Willoughby Lake.  Previously an adjunct writing instructor at Lyndon State College,  she is the author of a memoir, The Unspeakable, and has written locally for The Caledonian-Record, Vermont Woman, The Northland Journal, and The North Star Monthly.  Much of her freelance work has been about food – a lifelong passion!  She is a member of the Authors Guild; the Vermont Reiki Association; the International Association of Reiki Practitioners; The Theosophical Society of America; and the international Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids.